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WebAssembly with Bazel

In this article I will show how to use Bazel as the single build tool for a Javascript application with C++ WebAssembly.

Torgeir Helgevold
Multi Threading with WebAssembly

In this post I will show an example of how to use threading with WebAssembly.

Torgeir Helgevold
Sharing Complex Types Between C++ WebAssembly and JavaScript

One of the challenges when integrating C++ WASM with JavaScript is dealing with complex types in method arguments and return types. In this article I will show an experimental solution where I use MessagePack to serialize objects between C++ and JavaScript.

Torgeir Helgevold
Using WebAssembly with Web Components

This weekend I looked into integrating WebAssembly in web components. This post is a write-up of what I learned.

Torgeir Helgevold
Combining C++ with JavaScript

I this post I will show how to use web assembly to integrate C++ code in a Javascript application.

Torgeir Helgevold

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